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Literary Consulting
Take the first step to creating your literary masterpiece. 


Concept Consulting 
Bring your manuscript idea and plot outline to the table and we will unpack it, discuss the idea, and work on building your concept. 
Manuscript Assessment  
Submit your manuscript for review and receive thorough feedback that can be discussed through email correspondence or a virtual meeting. 
Edit and Proof
Submit your work to undergo an editing process and to be proofread. 
Publication Preparation
If you have work that is about to be published, submit to have it prepped and readied for the big day.

Why Do You Need A Literary Consultant?

I’m proud of the literary platforms I’ve been a part of, spaces that publish and celebrate aspiring writers, but that does not mean there isn’t a huge gap in the support structure we give writers in the creative industry. Writers only get feedback or responses to their work once they have submitted it to a magazine or publisher and the responses are usually a swift acceptance or rejection. This is not a slight on the magazines and publishers because giving feedback takes time and resources and, at the end of the day, their job is to publish, not mentor. This is where a literary consultant comes in! 

Writers, and all creatives, should have people and spaces they can go to where their work can be reviewed, where their ideas and concepts can be shared and explored, and where they get constructive feedback on how to enrich their craft. As your literary consultant, you can send a manuscript you are working on to receive feedback from both a reader and publisher's perspective. Or you could submit the manuscript to edit, and if you have illustrations or art to include, ask to have it curated as well. Lastly, if you are self-publishing, you could also reach out to get help with preparing the manuscript in time for the big day! 


Most important, however, is accepting help with the hardest part, which is starting. Typing that first word can be daunting and sometimes it helps to have someone work with you on taking that step. As part of the services offered, you can enquire about a concept consult. This entails sitting down and, together, exploring the concept you have created to better visualise the story you wish to write. Having a companion to work through the writer's block, the plot holes, and the character development, helps keep you on track. 


I had the pleasure of first connecting with Tahzeeb Akram in 2021 when she accepted my poetry piece for publication. Serving as the Submissions Editor at Brittle Paper, Tahzeeb has been instrumental in shaping several of my submissions that garnered publication. Her edits consistently exhibit precision, coupled with a talent for delivering constructive feedback that preserves the unique voice, tone, and vision of each piece. Tahzeeb's discerning eye for structure and flow has significantly enhanced the reception of my work among readers. Working with her has been an invaluable and enriching experience.

Aanuoluwapo Adesina

I have worked with Tahzeeb twice in my literary career and my absolute favorite thing about her work is her keen eye for what works, the sensitivity with which she handles what can be better, and her regard for the genre I write. She just gets it.

Tomilola Coco Adeyemi


Untitled design - 2021-12-18T161906.944.png

I have a deep love and passion for African literature and the ways in which it can be created and nurtured. 

My academic history includes a BA degree from the University of Cape Town where I majored in Literary Studies and Classics. I then pursued my postgraduate studies at the university formally known 

as Rhodes, where I obtained my Master's in Literary Studies and centered my research on queer Nigerian literature. 

I am currently the Submissions Editor at Brittle Paper. With 7 years experience as a literary editor and curator, I am dedicated and qualified to help you create your masterpiece.  

In The Press


Brittle Paper (2021-)
Collection Editor and Curator
SugarDaddy Chronicles (2023)
Author: Tomilola Coco Adeyemo
Literary Editor                              
This Thing Called Life (2024)
Literary Editor and Consultant
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